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Why Mamma Monica

I always followed my son Davide during his many adventures around the world, with the formula “Go wherever you want. I’ll be joining you in 6 months.” This has been happening for twenty years (says Russo Monica one of the minds behind the project). In the summer of 1999, while we were watching the final on the Coliseum in Forth Worth of NHCA Derby, Davide, then just thirteen, turns and says to his mother, “I want to become a professional Cutting Horse trainer!” and so she answered back “OK, then the place where you’ll have to go to live is Weatherford, the world capital of cutting, and I shall follow you along


Monica and Davide...the dream come true.

Monica Russo, graduated in architecture at the age of 23 at the Politecnico of Milan and opened the first agritourism ever in Garda in 1998, Ca’ Vescova’, which she managed for 10 years. With a wide public success, especially between the American toruists, Ca’ Vescova’ is also publicized in the Karen Brown Bed & Breakfast, and people began to follow the itineraries to stop at Garda and enjoy a warm welcome and some good, tasty meals . Her successful reputation has only grown with time.

Monica invests plenty in personal formation with the best coaches around the world such as: Tony Robbins, Harv Eker and Robert Kiosaky. She also takes part to many courses on marketing and efficient communication to sharpen her entrepreneurial and management skills, which always took her at the top in all her commercial activities during the years.

Friends that had important inflence for starting the project Mamma Monica:

Sergio Elia: ...“if you open a restaurant like ‘italian trattoria’ the success is guaranted”

Maria Teresa Repetti Capodanno 2015: …”you must open Restuarant in Texas!”. Just do it!

Luciano Costanzo & Dennys Botti... ‘all life partners’ (15 years working together) this time also believes in Monica! Thanks guys!

Lodovico Antinori: it Monica, is your time!

Davide Facincani was 8 years old when he started riding a horse, the passion for 'Cutting Horse' came shortly after. Since then he has never stopped learning, following from the young age of 14 the best teachers in the world including Lindy Burch, Gary Gonzalves and Michael Cooper. Today's Assistant Trainer, training cutting horses, is married to Katie who shares his passion, lives in Weatherford and has big ambitions. Today Davide is partner, inspirational, consultant and careful control of the menu quality at Mamma Monica’s.

Zeno Russo, the brother with experience and know how

Katie Bree Facincani: ...nobody love Mamma Monica’s ‘Ragù’ like her!


to sell Lasa-gnas.” I then used to cook for him and his friends every time we met and it soon became a pleasant custom. One day I was at WallMart to do the groceries and I heard someone call, “Mamma Monica!” It was one of Davide’s friends, happy to see me and quickly asking to join for dinner that night. I could see him looking forward to my fresh tomato pasta with such joy and excitement. It made me understand that Mamma Monica wasn’t just a name, but a mission: good, simple, natural meals using seasonal ingredients straight from Texan gardens.

Mamma Monica…farm to table Italian family Bistro’ and cook fresh from scratch .

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